Zonneberg photo safari

The caves are an intriguing landscape for both amateur and professional photographers. Take stunning photographs during a tour with your own private guide.
Zonneberg Caves have cathedral-like tunnels, beautiful charcoal drawings, and peculiar markings. The complete darkness is a unique opportunity to play with light, shutter speed, and movement. During the Zonneberg photo safari, your private guide will take you to the very best photo locations, share photography tips, and explain the history of the area.

You'll have plenty of time to capture the caves on film. Bring your own equipment and expertise and steal the show with the most magical photos.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: €105.00 per group
Extra details: Including a private tour (max. 10 people per guide). While the guide is not a photography expert, he or she will take you to the best spots and give you some useful tips.