Murder mystery dinner

Bring the game of Cluedo to life at the dinner table and use your detective skills to find the murderer within your group!

A shocking crime has been committed in Maastricht. By asking the right questions and collecting clues, it will become clear where the trail leads. Tension keeps rising in the search for the killer.

Use your intuition and you may be the person to solve the crime! In the meantime, you can also enjoy a delicious three or four-course dinner. So good, you could ... eh .. kill for it. 

Your group can enjoy a murder mystery dinner at a charming city centre location or in the beautiful setting of the St. Pietersberg hill. This activity guarantees you an extraordinary evening filled with a perfect combination of tension and humour.

Duration: 3 hours or more

Price: Starting at € 30.25 per person. This price is based on a group of 10 people. It can be booked, however, for any number of participants (starting price € 453.75).

Extra details: Excl. dinner and drinks.