Brug van Vroenhoven

The Second World War left its mark on Maastricht and the surrounding area. Visit experience centre De Brug, located just across the Belgian border.

The bridge over the Albert Canal in Vroenhoven, located just across the Belgian border near Maastricht, is a truly remarkable site. This is where the Second World War started in Belgium. De Brug gives you the unique opportunity to experience the Second World War first hand. Listen to soldiers and citizens explain what the war years and the liberation was like. A flame perpetually burns in a two-metre-high monument on the Vroenhoven bridge as a symbol of peace at this historic site.

De Brug also features interactive exhibitions on Belgium's canals and inland waterways. Which vessels sail the canals? Would you be able to pilot your own ship? Which animals can be found in the water? How is a bridge built and how does a lock work? Is the canal busy and how does it contribute to the economy? You will be encouraged to demonstrate your knowledge and skills and will learn interesting facts and surprising information along the way.

Experience centre De Brug offers guided and unguided tours.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: Admission price for De Brug: €6.00 per person, free admission for children aged six and under, and €1.00 for people aged 25 and under. Guided tours start at €65.00 and last two hours (max. 25 people).